TIP Tuesday “Hand me Downs”

The nerve of Mahkai asking me “Mommy why is brother wearing MY clothes”. Having two boys who are only three years apart everything gets passed down. Kids outgrow clothes on a seasonal bases so if I can get twice the wear it’s a win for this momma. I use to be the mom who would preach “my kids are individual and wont share clothes” but now things have changed. I’m now the mom who is going to make every dollar stretch. Here are my tips on how a save and reuse the boys clothes.

1.Storage- This is the biggest tip of them all. If you don’t properly store old clothes you are running risk of clothes having that nasty old basement smell. I buy multiple size storage bins from target WITH LIDS. Then I divide the clothes by size example all of the 12-24 months are all stored together. Shoes deserve their own bin, don’t be gross and put those used shoes on top of clothes.

2.Lables- Save yourself sometime and label everything makes things easier when it’s time to go through the bins and take out what you plan to pass down. I learned the hard way after spending many Saturday’s aimlessly digging

3. Let it Go- I use to let Kai wear too little clothes as PJ’s but now once its to small I immediately store for baby brother. Who wants stretched or discolored clothes?

4. Restyle- The best part is making old clothes come to life again. Find new ways to style if Kai wore it in a sporty edgy way I will find a way to put a preppy twist on things for Mahir.

Do you mommas let your children wear hand me downs? Have you ever worn hand me downs? Let me know your tips!

Quick Breakfast

If your weekdays are anything like mine then you know that being organized helps with having a smooth morning routine. Some days all just run together, and getting two little ones and myself together can be drag. Every morning my grandma would have breakfast waiting for me and now looking back I view her as super woman. Keep reading below for my helpful tips.

1. Make all morning breakfast prep time between 5-10 mins, this gives me enough time to start my coffee have a sip and make boys plates; in the morning each minute counts

2. Fruit- I prep the fruit ahead of time so I literally just slap it on there plates in the AM; having things already peeled or cut saves time and hassle.

3. One item already being made this could mean muffins, yogurt,egg muffins or danish; I usually bake muffins Sundays which Kai helps and it’s a learning activity for him being able to measure and count.

4. It’s okay to give them cereal; I use to have mom guilt over them having cereal when kids actually love cereal.

5. Let them eat in peace- I typically sit boys at table while they jam to playlist on the google home; I then pack and check our bags and finish up my last min pull myself together

Lastly don’t stress as long as they eat is what matters. Don’t try to be the perfect pancake mom every day save the large spreads for the weekend. Please like, share and follow for more Tip Tuesday!



Fitness while Pregnant

I know, I know how dare me just show up with a random Tip Tuesday and not explain why I been gone so long and not consistent. Welp, this pregnancy has gotten the best of me but that’s a story for a different day. SOON! On today we are going to talk pregnancy and fitness I’m sharing five of my tips.

1. Find what works for you- I’ve tried pregnancy yoga which is not for me I just but then I took my normal aerobics routine and cut out ab workouts and notice that my body prefers that more than being zen. Even if your thing is walking start with maybe doing a slight 15 min a day.

2. Me time- When I’m at the gym yes people stare because of my belly but I’m pregnant not an alien. It’s completely normal to hit gym while pregnant just in moderation. Gives me my time to think ohhh and be toddler free to catch up on Greys Anatomy .

3. Labor and delivery- I delivered Kai at 35 weeks, he came out 7lbs 8 oz which is pretty big for a baby at his gestational age. The one thing I remember clearly is labor being a breeze 5 hrs. I can say remaining active was a big help during my labor I was able to push without getting tired and I was able to fight through majority of my contractions. I even went hiking in LA at 6 months pregnant last time.

4. Hydrate- I recommended just taking a whole gallon to the gym yes you will go potty a lot but you and baby will be hydrated. Being dehydrated can sometimes cause contractions I’ve learned the hard way.

5. Know your limits- Look your growing life so your goal should be to just be active and healthy. Don’t try to feed into social media and be the pregnant woman with abs.

Just get going, don’t wait. I will admit it’s easiest to workout during second trimester. I’m no fitness guru but I know what works for me and I hope these tips can help you.

Bonus Tip: The more active you are during pregnancy the easier snapping back will be.

Tips Tuesday: Bedtime Reading

Tips Tuesday: Bedtime Reading

I began to read to Kai as a baby and somewhere I just fell off. I started to see how he became dependent on his tablet, or TV. As a parent this really bothered me one I didn’t have access to these types of devices as a child and secondly I wanted to get more hands on with the learning process. So I decided to bring back our bedtime reading.

  1. I purchase most of my books at Ross, TjMaxx or Marshalls, you find amazing children’s book a discounted prices.
  2. I created Kai a book shelf this way the books are organized and have a special place.
  3. I allow Kai to choose the book he wants to read, it gives him the chance to feel as though he is in control.
  4. I get into character I am very animated when reading to my little one it keeps his attention. Changing voices and using my hands for motions.
  5. I always involve him in the reading even if it means stopping and having him point to this or that image.

The goal in reading to Kai at night is to create a routine and to get him settled in for bed. I also want to encourage him to not be dependent on modern technology. I truly believe that learning begins in the home.  Until next time be sure to subscribe, like and share.

Whats in my Toddlers Lunch

Whats in my Toddlers Lunch

I began packing Mahkai’s lunch a couple of weeks ago and have seen changes in his after school hunger, his bowl movements and as an added bonus he loves to carry his cute lunch box that I purchased at Kroger. Packing a lunch can be time-consuming to some but it’s so worth all the benefits like knowing exactly what your toddler is consuming.

I start by packing Mahkai a AM snack: granola bar and oranges

For lunch he has: chicken nuggets and steamed broccoli and carrots, with an Honest juice

Pm snack : Apple sauce and graham crackers

Bonus Snacks: pretzels and fruit snacks

I also always make sure my little guy has water to hydrate and I label it with his name, Each snack and meal is labeled to help his teacher, left up to any child or toddler they would just eat all the snacks from their lunch and toss out the food …… I did it growing up (sorry grandma). That’s all for Tips Tuesday be sure to share the tea.


How to increase Toddlers Vocabulary

How to increase Toddlers Vocabulary

My late night pleasure is going to Target. I go around 8 on Sundays typically everyone is home and planning for their week ahead, but for me I'm having a full on mommy free hour going aisle to aisle. My favorite section is right by the door I guess we can call it "the door buster section" little items marked at $5 or less. I found these books priced at $1. They have many site words, colors and pictures. My little ones vocabulary is growing every day from learning simple words to forming sentences. Here are our tips and tricks to increase your little ones vocabulary.

1. No baby talk – we have never used baby talk with our son.
2. Give directions- given little one small directions helps them to understand meaning of words and they will eventually repeat them for example "Do you have to Potty" typically they will grasp the word potty.
3. Starting with the basics – Alphabet, Colors and numbers
4. Nursery Rhymes and Music- we go all out in the car rides with nursery rhymes my favorite to hear him sing is "Old MacDonald"
5. Flash Cards or Site Books- we will work with the same two books for a week and alternate practicing key words and allowing our little one to lead.

Make learning fun. Yes each child will learn at his or her on pace but don't just rely on schools, daycare or outside programs to teach little ones. Learning starts at home for us. Yes my little one has a high vocabulary for a two year old but each word he wanted to learn on his own and I am so proud of him. What are tips and tricks your family uses for learning vocabulary?

How to Distress T-Shirts

How to Distress T-Shirts

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For the past two years we have worn matching shirts for Kai's birthday. Not sure where I got the idea from but this year I wanted to put a spin on things. We had a Lion Guard birthday theme. Dad loves Kanye fashion style and had me distress old t-shirts for him in the past. I decided last min I would distress out family shirts the night before Kai's second birthday. Below find out exactly how I did it.
1. Went to Etsy to find the perfect Lion Guard logo I wanted the full cast not just one character.
2. Got plain tees from Target
3. Found a local print shop to print our names and the Lion Guard logos on to the shirts.
4. Took bleach and an old towel to the shirts and put bleach in random spots.
5. Washed and Dried shirts to get the smell of bleach out.

This was a very cheap and creative way to take our shirts from simple to a little edgy. So what will you distress? Shirts, jeans get creative. Be sure to like and follow.

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