The Mommy Mobile

No one wants to be that mom who always has the messy car. Truth is I was once that mom. It was bad, I literally was moving things out the way to get to things. Between putting crumbs everywhere and the toys being on the floor the Mommy Mobile was born. So one day I found the solution to my problems while casually shopping at Ross. Car Organizer, which holds my little ones IPad as well as his toys. Here are a few other tips for keeping organize while on the go.

  1. Making it a habit to get a CAR WASH- Even if it’s a simple run through the cheap care washes attached to gas stations. Kai enjoys watching the bubbles being swished across the car during car washes.
  2. Car organizer- Amazon, Ross and Target have them for a reasonable cost.
  3. Snack Time- Now that Kai is a little older I will allow him to have car proof snacks, meaning nothing sticky and hard to clean.
  4. Don’t get lazy- I found myself leaving things in my car out of pure laziness, now I make it habit to declutter.
  5. Lastly appreciation I buy my car little nick nacks to keep it up like car fresheners.

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