Me Time: How I take a break from the best job ever 

We all our guilty of it,we have a baby and somehow lose ourselves. I mean we go from super model to sweats and a bun being our best friend. I have a couple of tips to help with how to be a wonderful mom but still find your “Me Time”.

  1. Find a new hobby, for me this consisted of writing.
  2. Nail Spa the most relaxing 1 1/2 you will spend.
  3. Girls night find a group of friends who like to get out every now and then.
  4. Get dressed, even if you don’t have a destination.
  5. Gym allows for a good workout ,healthy life style as well as thinking time.
  6. Find a new show to love mines were Greys Anatamoy and Blackish.
  7. Cleaning while playing music very therapeutic and a way to liven up a daily task.

Just always keep in mind the woman you were before the baby you still are never lose that glow. 

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